MacLegion 2011 Spring Bundle

This weekend I picked up the MacLegion 2011 Spring Bundle and got some very good Mac software at a fantastic price. For those of you not familiar with “bundling,” it’s a promotional thing where several Mac software developers, usually the independents, participate in selling their software along with others at a significant discount for a limited time. It’s a great way for you to pick up some new software at a price that’s really hard to beat.

MacHeist is probably the most popular of these but MacLegion is a newcomer and is offering some nice titles:

  • ScreenFlow 2 (which was my app pick of the week recently)
  • Data Rescue
  • Contactizer Pro
  • Virus Barrier
  • Forklift
  • Launchbar
  • Amadeus Pro
  • Radio Gaga
  • Printopia (a recent app pick by @reyespoint)
  • MacPilot

It’s a pretty good collection of apps that purchased individually would run just over $550, but I got all of them for $49.99 as part of the bundle. Hit up the MacLegion web site for more information. The bundle will be available for another 9 days.