Apple is Finally Bringing Its Pro Apps to iPad

Plus new music features in Maps and Apple Music

With WWDC just ahead, Apple got in a few surprises before the big keynote. Let’s go!

🥳 Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro Coming to iPad Next Week

One of the knocks on the iPad is that it’s not a “Pro” device and doesn’t do enough “real” computer work. Apple brought some of this on themselves with the “What’s a Computer?” ad some years back, not to mention the lack of their pro video and audio apps on the iPad.

That will change next week when Apple releases Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad.

Final Cut Pro

Apple is bringing an all-new touch interface and tools to the iPad version, including support for Apple Pencil and keyboard shortcuts. Major features include:

  • Multicamera editing, including syncing and switching

  • Fast Cut automations, such as Scene Removal Mask, Auto Crop, and Voice Isolation

  • Live Drawing with Apple Pencil

  • Import iMovie projects

  • Titles, transitions, and effects

  • Export projects to Final Cut Pro on Mac for more advanced features (a bit of a letdown)

Final Cut Pro for iPad will work on 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th or 6th generation), 11‑inch iPad Pro (3rd or 4th generation), or iPad Air (5th generation) with iPadOS 16.4 or later.

Logic Pro Quick Sampler

Logic Pro Quick Sampler - Image credit: Apple

Logic Pro

Like with Final Cut Pro, Apple has built a new multi-touch interface for Logic Pro for iPad. Highlights include:

  • A new sound browser

  • Over 100 instruments and effects plug-ins

  • Beat Breaker and Quick Sampler

  • Support for Apple Pencil and keyboard shortcuts

  • Round trip projects between iPad and Mac (nice!)

Logic Pro will work on any iPad with the A12 Bionic chip or later and iPadOS 16.4 or later.

Both apps will hit the App Store on May 23. There's been a little blowback around the pricing because they're both subscription apps. I'm okay with it because that's where we are these days in terms of software, and for lighter users of the apps, I could see keeping the sub active long enough to do your project and then canceling until you need it again. The apps are reasonably priced at $4.99 a month, or save a couple of bucks and do the yearly sub at $49. If you want to give it a go before subscribing, there will be a 30-day trial available.

Once pros get these apps in their hands and run them through their workflows, we should get some good reviews on YouTube. I’ll link to some in another newsletter.

🎵 Apple Music Adds Set Lists, Maps Gets Venue Guides

Apple today announced some new music-related things, one in Apple Music and the other in Maps. Apple Music has a new Set Lists section in the “Browse” tab. Apple says it “shines a light on a selection of major tours, letting fans listen to set lists and read about the productions.” In addition to the Set List, you can browse upcoming shows, and there’s a link out to buy tickets. The selection is limited today but includes Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Peso Pluma, Kane Brown, blink-182, and Ed Sheeran.

Image credit: Apple

Over in the Maps app, Apple has added 40 new Guides to highlight performance venues in different cities. There are over ten cities to start with, including New York, LA, Detroit, London, Paris, and Berlin. If you’re into the music scene, this might be helpful if you’re planning a trip to one of the included cities. Apple has embedded Shazam’s concert discovery module into Maps, which allows most venues to include a list of upcoming shows.

🚨 Quick Apple Card Savings Account Follow-Up

Apple Card Savings Account

Image credit: Apple

I wrote about the Apple Card Savings Account in the last newsletter and have a quick follow-up. If you’ve jumped on it, consider adding a beneficiary to your account if appropriate. You can’t do this directly in the Wallet app; you must call Goldman Sachs. Apple details the steps in this KB article.  

🎧 Basic AF #9: Apple's iCloud Apps vs Google & Microsoft

A fresh episode just hit yesterday:

  • We have more stickers and magnets to giveaway

  • Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to iPad

  • apps comparison against Google & Microsoft

  • Picking the best apps for your use cases

  • New segment: All Mac and No Play

  • Tom’s Cortex Sidekick Notepad

As mentioned, I have a couple of sticker and magnet sets left so hit me up if you’d like some. And thanks to those that replied last time!

Basic AF Show Sticker and Magnet Giveaway

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