Basic AF Episode 012 – AI and Creativity: Exploring the Impact on Education, Art, and the Workforce

With Benjamin Jancewicz and Dr. Devon Taylor, Ed.D.

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A new podcast episode is available! In this show, we have two outstanding guests with us to talk about AI. Given our topic, I thought it’d be fun to use the AI-generated “In this episode” content created by our podcast hosting service for this one. It did a pretty good job!

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In this episode:

What if AI could replace your creativity? Discover the implications of artificial intelligence in education and creative fields as we sit down with graphic artist Benjamin Jancewicz and Dr. Devon Taylor, Ed.D., from Shenandoah University. Listen in as they share their insights into using AI in academia, supporting students, and preparing them for the workforce.

Explore the potential dangers of AI taking over creative work, the ethics of labor and automation, and the importance of teaching younger generations how to use AI as a tool. Our guests also discuss the positive side of AI, enabling more creative expression, and tackling bigger issues in the world. We dive into the complexities of AI and its impact on various industries, highlighting the essential role of the human element in this ever-evolving technological landscape.

As the use of AI continues to grow, we touch upon the potential implications of this technology in the 2024 US election, including the risks associated with deep fakes, imagery, and video manipulation. Join us for an engaging conversation that delves deep into the world of AI, creativity, and the future of our industries.

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