Rapid Security Responses, Apple Card Savings Account, Free Kit!

Plus fresh episodes of Basic AF 🚀

We’re less than a month away from WWDC, but that doesn’t mean Apple is mailing it in. Read on for the latest!

⚔️ New Rapid Security Responses

Historically, Apple has included security fixes in their operating system updates. While it’s great that the fixes are part of the OS updates, the issue there is the time it takes to develop and test the update holds up releasing the security fixes. To improve that, Apple announced a new feature at last year’s WWDC aimed at strengthening the security of our devices by providing quicker security fixes between OS updates.

This week we got our first Rapid Security Responses for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. These appear in the Software Update settings just like regular OS updates and, by default, are set to apply automatically. And while you can change this in the Automatic Updates section of Software Update, I recommend leaving it on. (If you turn this off or choose not to apply the Rapid Security Response, your device will receive the fixes in the next OS update.)

Apple says new Rapid Security Responses are delivered only for the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS — beginning with iOS 16.4.1, iPadOS 16.4.1, and macOS 13.3.1. You can verify that a response has been applied by checking the OS version. If a response has been applied, a letter appears after the software version number.

iOS Version indicating a response update is applied

💰 Apple Card Savings Account

Apple Card Savings Account

Image credit: Apple

Apple has a new service available to users of its Apple Card credit card: the Savings account. The account, through Goldman Sachs, offers a 4.15 percent APY with no minimum deposits or balance requirements and no fees.

It's easy to set up through the Wallet app, and once you do, your Daily Cash spending rewards are automatically added to the savings account (you can choose not to have this happen if you'd like). You can also add funds by linking your bank or applying your Apple Cash balance.

Apple says transferring money out of Savings to your linked bank account should take 1-3 days, while transfers to Apple Cash are typically available instantly.

🆓 Take This Show and Stick It

Basic AF Show Sticker and Magnet Giveaway

We just got our first batch of stickers and magnets for the Basic AF show and I want you to have them! Just reply right now to let me know you want 'em and the first five people to respond will get hooked up with free stuff.

Here are the latest episodes of the show:

The great Kirk McElhearn joins us for an in-depth discussion on Apple Music Classical. Kirk is a long time tech writer, having contributed to Macworld, and TidBits, he’s written documentation for several applications you’ve probably used as well as several titles in the TakeControl series of books.

As mentioned earlier, we're just weeks away from WWDC, which will kick off on Monday, June 5, with the keynote event. Everyone gets hype when the new features are announced, myself included, but they don’t always work out the way Apple intends. Come along with me and JB as we lay out some things we’d like to see fixed soon.

You can listen to all episodes at basicafshow.com, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps. Regardless of where you listen, please rate and review the show in Apple Podcasts. It helps out, and I would greatly appreciate it.

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